FREE(AK) SHOW that freaked us: Text by Acaye Pamela, Pictures By Olive Nakiyemba

Do you know a spontaneous person? One, whom you can count on to just show up to go, and have fun! Experience #Art or,  just walk the night streets with?
 Star gazing, Dream catching,
 Memory exploring of the silly things we have done for love and;
 Laughing so hard with at simple jokes that,
 the cars racing by on the, almost deserted streets slow down to try and partake of your joy!

Well, I discovered one of those and we even got lost in rich peoples neighborhoods after midnight as we walked but,  just asked the Askaris for directions and continued the laughter /joy train!! We together attended the FREE(AK) SHOW curated by Robinah Nansubuga.

A piece of scultpure by  Issa Ouattara :
She is one of those humbly eclectic kinds;  this Robinah , who curated a Sculptor, Performance Artist, Street Artist, Poetess and Eco Warrior  to collaborate on one Unique Show: A Free[AK] Show.

Robinah  also has the #Kyoto activity (pronounced cooooto, a Luganda word that means hearth) that is now consistent with #Bayimba International Festival of Arts every September in Kampala.
Kyoto is a three day fire place  zone  which,  comes complete with mats, three legged stools, Ekibiisi(fermented plantain beer), Omunanasi (pineapple ginger tea), Malwa ( sorghum beer), molokony(cowhoof soup), Mujaja tea(benzel leaf tea) and kabalagala(Cassava flour and banana fried pancakes).

These indegenous cuisine favorites are then served against the backdrop of  a traditional drum circle, oratory and conversations for three days of the festival.

 So, when such
Spiritual,  poetry card reading
A poetry reading corner by Roshan Karmali,
a curator sends you an invitation personally,  even while she is away; through,  an assistant who does not know you but finds you , to attend another curated event by herself; YOU ATTEND.

we stood atop the expansive residential balcony and dreamed that our personal houses too would be like this. overlooking the Lake Nalubale in the distance. Looking down we marveled at the rich stately cars which obviously defied the present -money is lost lingua of kampala.
German cuisine served up as finger food like Pig in a hole, besides many other delectable things like chicken and beef skewers with Odi and mustard dips.... Aloooo!
We ate like boarding school children, clearing their remainder grab at terms end, well assured that the next day will find them home in a place of  abundance and not scarcity. So, the wine, beer, soda, water flowed until we said enough! we were culinary freaked real nice.
Robinah Nansubuga,  invited me to the Freak show on November 29 2016 at the German Ambassadors residence

EcoAction compound miniature, created by Reagan Kandole.

A lady showcases one of the fashion pieces by Sylvia that featured on the fashion design rack next to a sculpture by Isaa

One of the major freaks came when we approached the poetry stall. I was going to just pick a card of poetry to be read back to me when she said
"No, No, No. Shuffle them first . then pick. this process is spiritual." Roshan
 So, I complied; only to discover that my friend too had picked the very same poem which , erupted emotions in our throats when it got read to us. We decided in precocious Healing Defiance Mode to explain it away as coincidence. Sheer coincidence. Please!
It was just another night in Kampala that needed our auras to populate its space. Seeing some of the sculptures for what they are: blunt and uninspiring.
Suddenly,  we explored the notion of age difference in relationships when one of the attendees showed up with a partner that looked more like a fossil hanging onto their arm for dear life as my friend commented.

Have I have loved before, Yes!
Will I die if I let this encounter go , No!
But, you were in love; 
No , I had had encounter that I have left behind-
Walk with me for a while then; 
I do not know where we are going but, I  am sure glad you are here now, 
Taking one step after the other with me;
Unafraid to see the nakedness for what it is.
The freak was everywhere.

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