So, Jason Russel deliberately told our story wrong with the Kony2012 campaign !
Whose war is it anyway? 
But before the applause dies, and this campaign is throttled to death,
Like the 26 year old war whose trauma has been forgotten by most except the victims,
And whose aftermath is not felt anymore except by those who lost a relative to Kony;
This campaign is for those who still care;
Those who think three times before uttering that the war ended in 2006!
 And that bad guy is now disturbing our neigbhours, not us?
Who is us? How many blood relations have you lost to the war?
How many of your friends, aunties or relatives have been gangraped/
 Hacked to death?
How many of your friends have been miraculousy spared to live to tell the tale of Kony's might?
How much of your once productive land has been turned into a desolate camp for 26 years?
Kony2012  therefore, is  for those who nolonger count the days and hours which,
 Have passed since the rebels took their loved ones away,
This campaign is for those who still crane their necks to search the rising dust from the Sudan road,
 For the frame of a relative they still hope to see someday; 
Kony2012 is for those who still run to hide when silence suddenly steals the moment,
And dogs forget to bark in the middle of a sunny day somewhere in the outskirts of Gulu town.
It is for those girls who pulled  feotuses of this monster and his buddies,
Out of their wombs with their bare hands and no tear of remorse when, they escaped from captivity by him.
This campaign is for those who can dare to tell the actual story alongside contenders for the podium of care.
And just before you finger your camera or keyboard in retort, perchance allow me ask;
Does a starving people throw away a gift of half rotten fruit?
Do they not slice off the rotted half and eat the other;
Saving the seed of it to plant with the slightest drizzle of rain!
Better still, let the human rights activist bring out their silver ware:
To serve us the better meal which they claim Kony2012 is witholding.
Because while they are pointing fingers , there is a people whose hearts are yet to rest in peace
From fear of Kony's subsequent return.

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